There’s an old cliché: “That’s worse than getting a root canal”, sometimes expressed as, “I’d rather have a root canal than….”. Don’t worry, any dental technique that may have spawned these phrases is long gone. Having a root canal is not the painful, stressful, procedure you might think.

Let’s take a look at some of the myths surrounding root canals and discover the truth.

Myth: Getting a Root Canal is Painful

For many adults, a simple visit to the dentist for a checkup or cleaning can be the cause of anxiety, so it’s totally understandable that the patient might fear something dreadful is going to happen when they hear the words “root canals”.

Thanks to the many advances in dental care and modern technology, a root canal can be done quickly and comfortably.

In fact, getting a root canal on a severely infected tooth will get rid of not only the infection, but the pain it was causing.

So… despite rumors to the contrary, a root canal procedure can be done quickly and comfortably, relieving you of the pain that probably inspired you to see your dentist in the first place.

Myth: If My Teeth Don’t Hurt, I Couldn’t Possibly Need a Root Canal

Many people think that if they aren’t experiencing any dental pain, their teeth are healthy. Unfortunately, this is not always true. In the case of the likelihood of needing a root canal, the tooth may have already died, but still needs to treatment to prevent the possibility of a dangerous infection.

Myth: The Benefits of a Root Canal Don’t Last

Not true at all. The benefits last. The difficulty is that the tooth does become more brittle after the procedure, and the grinding forces of normal talking and chewing may cause the crown on the tooth to break. But this is only a problem with the restoration, not the root canal itself.

Myth: It’s Better Just to Pull the Tooth

It might seem easier just to get rid of the painful tooth, but in the long run, that’s far from true. Our natural teeth are far superior to any implant or denture. They’re stronger. They work better and look better than any teeth made by man. Additionally, an extracted tooth commonly needs to be replaced and that can be a lengthy task in itself.

The Truth About Root Canals

A root canal procedure is a great way to save a tooth, and modern dental technology and advances have made the treatment comfortable, quick, and pain-free. Don’t let any myths about root canals prevent you from doing the best for yourself and your tooth.

If you think you may need a root canal or would simply like a dental checkup, give us a call. We’d love to see you.